Our Services Blockchain

Smart, Decentralized, Trusted and highly-encrypted network of computing nodes

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Pinetech works with Clients to keep their transaction through blockchain that virtually eliminates human error and protects the data from possible tampering. The Record are verified each and every single movement.

we explore how this powerful technology can help realize the full value . Any organization (from banks to airlines) that can take note of the gained efficiencies, highly secured, reduced costs, and enhanced transparency that this powerful technology can provide.

We offer autonomous smart contracts paired with its own internal cryptocurrency. By consolidating everything into a single platform, businesses can integrate services without disclosing an excessive amount of proprietary information to third parties

Create greater trust,transparency and accountability

Our Benefits

Reduced transaction costs
Faster transaction settlements
User-controlled networks

A virtual, public ledger that recordseverything in a secure and transparent manner

Managing Industries

01Supply Chain management
02Quality Assurance
04Smart Contracts
06Stock Exchange
07Energy Supply
08P2P transactions